Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Benefits of Car Windshield Repair

Any issue with your car always seems like a hassle as the repair process could inconvenience you in a number of ways. While some types of major auto repair can leave you without transportation for quite some time, fixing a chip in your windshield is not as problematic. Here is a look at the benefits that come with car windshield repair.

Time Saver

In some instances, windshield repair can take as much time as an oil change would. Scheduling an appointment can have you in and out of an auto glass repair shop in practically no time at all. For speed and convenience try Wilson & Tucker auto glass repair in Charlotte NC.

Save Now

A small chip could quickly turn into a large crack that is not capable of being repaired. Windshield replacement would then be the alternative and it’s a lot more expensive than a simple windshield repair. You could spend much less now and refrain from spending big in the future.

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A reputable Charlotte NC automotive glass repair service usually provides some type of guarantee with their work. Upon completion, you will have written assurance that their workmanship is going to last.


When the chip in your windshield is not obstructing the driver’s line of sight, people may neglect to get it fixed. However, the chip can worsen and eventually threaten the structural integrity of the windshield. That is extremely important in the event of a crash.

High Quality

The materials that a professional car window repair service uses are generally very high in quality, unlike the store brands that target a do-it-yourself audience. The professionals use high quality resin that is made to withstand the tests of time, weather and temperature.


Sometimes, windshield repair in Charlotte North Carolina is covered by insurance, making it a free fix. All policies are different, so it helps to consult your insurance company to discover the specifics of what is and what is not covered.

No Leaks

A chip in the windshield could turn into a bigger problem in the form of a leak. This could lead also to a buildup of mold, unpleasant odors and could ruin your car’s upholstery. Leaks could become quite costly.

Wilson & Tucker Auto Glass can bring you all the benefits of car windshield repair. One of our technicians can even travel directly to your home as part of our mobile auto window repair service. When it comes time to seek out a top-notch car windshield repair service, Wilson & Tucker has you covered every step of the way.