Friday, December 13, 2019

Don’t Be Fooled By Windshield Repair Scams

When it’s time to get any work done on your vehicle, it is very important to hire the most reputable technicians. Car widow repair is just as important as any other type of auto repair, so you should be very wary of you hire. Unfortunately, there are some scammers looking to take advantage of people when it comes to car windshield repair and replacement. Here are some things to look out for to make sure you don’t get scammed.

The Approach

If someone approaches you about fixing a crack in your windshield, immediately turn and walk away. Scammers often try to approach people in parking lots and offer to do the job right there. While certified auto glass technicians have mobile capabilities, approaching random people is not a common practice among professionals. And in some extreme instances, scammers may actually damage your windshield and then pose as an innocent passerby who will kindly provide fast auto glass repair.

The Warranty

Credible automotive glass repair professionals will offer a written warranty with their work. If you ask about a warranty and the technician attempts to dance around the question, walk away. Those who provide quality service have no problem backing up their work with a warranty. Furthermore, reliable auto glass businesses have windshield repair down to a science, so it is nothing for them to provide a warranty.

The Process

When getting any kind of work done to your vehicle, it is recommended to get a written estimate beforehand. This is an essential and something you should not have to request, but should come to expect. And if someone suggests doing any kind of car window replacement or repair off the books, it is a major red flag. Cash back deals are another tactic used by scammers and should be avoided.

The Insurance

Many insurance policies cover window glass repair and replacement. Meanwhile, fraudulent services and scammers claim to be authorized by insurance companies. The one way to know for certain whether they are telling the truth is to contact your insurance company. It only takes a phone call to verify whether or not a service is authorized.

A trip to Wilson and Tucker Auto Glass Inc. will protect you from falling victim to any kind of windshield repair scams. Wilson & Tucker employs a staff of trained and certified technicians while also offering estimates and warranties with every kind of service. Wilson & Tucker also works with major insurance companies as an authorized automotive glass repair shop.