Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Different Types of Cracks and Breaks in Car Windshields

Not all breaks or cracks in a car windshield are the same. There are variations of cracks and chips, some of which are more problematic than others. And it is some of the following breaks and cracks that ultimately determine whether you need Charlotte car windshield replacement or car windshield repair.


This type of break is one that frequently affects car windshields. It generally looks like a small circle with a bunch of rings encircling it. A bullseye break can usually be fixed with auto window repair, just as long as it is not too large in size.

Edge Crack

This appears as an actual crack and is usually rather thin. It resembles a line on your windshield’s surface. Traditional cracks are repairable according to how long they are and whether or not the crack spiders outward. Edge cracks that spider usually call for auto window replacement.

Half Moon

This is similar to a bullseye, although it is not entirely circular. It is more like a half circle and is caused by something colliding with the windshield at an uncommon angle. The odd angle often makes repair a more difficult option and usually calls for replacement.

Floater Crack

This is seen less than other types of cracks or breaks because it is not caused by an actual collision. The floater crack occurs because of drastic changes in temperature. This crack usually starts in the middle of the windshield and extends horizontally.

Star Break

This is a break that closely resembles a star. There is a small point of impact with lines leading outward. Star breaks are generally able to be fixed with NC auto glass repair, but may leave a small distorted mark behind.

Combo Break

This is a more intricate type of break that looks as though it is two types of breaks combined into one. It often appears to be a star break combined with a bullseye. But just because it is more intricate, that doesn’t mean it cannot be fixed with repair. The location and size of the combo break will determine whether window glass repair or window glass replacement is needed.

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