Friday, December 14, 2018

Important Things to Know About Auto Glass and Window Repair

Once you have determined that it is time for auto glass repair or replacement, the next step is finding a reputable repair shop that will meet your satisfaction. Before you walk into any shop, it’s important to understand the terms that you will be hearing from a service technician. Here’s a look at the key terms and concepts drivers should understand before undergoing any type of car window repair.

OE (Original Equipment)

Original equipment pertains to auto glass provided by the original supplier made for your make and model of vehicle. This is the same kind of glass used on the assembly of your vehicle. To denote this fact, there is generally a stamp of that brand on the windshield. This is considered to be the best quality of glass you can use for car windshield replacement. Car companies will often outsource its glass from specific manufacturers and that will be what is used during OE glass replacement.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

This term refers to glass that meets the same specifications as that of OE auto glass, but is made by a different distributor. This is very close to OE glass, but there are some very slight variations. It is a less costly alternative that does not come with the brand name stamped on the glass.


This is the substance used as a hardener to repair chips in a windshield. Resin must be cured before repair is completed and a windshield’s structural integrity is then once again intact.

Drive-Away Time

Sometimes referred to as safe drive-away time (SDAT), this is the amount of time a vehicle is meant to remain off the road until a new windshield is deemed safe for operation.

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This term denotes glass that has no affiliation with any car manufacturers. It is a standard glass that does not comply with safety regulations. The application of this is limited to things such as sliding back glass doors and new sunroof installations.

Laminated Glass

Glass that is intended to be used in windshields. It consists of two pieces of glass with a layer of plastic resting in between.

Tempered Glass

This is the type of glass intended to be used in vehicles with the exception of the windshield. It is finished off through a rapid cooling process.

Spider Crack

A common crack in windshields, this consists of a small chip with a group of larger cracks protruding outward, giving off the resemblance of spider legs.

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Friday, November 9, 2018

How Auto Glass Can Save Your Life

Everyone who has ever driven in a car knows what it is to look through a windshield and watch the passing traffic. However, there’s probably a great deal that people do not know about the auto glass in a car. It is a made a certain way so that it can save lives and prevent injuries. Installing the right kind of auto glass could provide you and your loved ones with an extra layer of protection.

The purpose of auto glass is to be less dangerous than regular glass in the event that it breaks. When there is a collision, windshields are also supposed to keep passengers inside the vehicle. Windshields are often considered to be a driver’s final line of defense in an accident which is one reason that car windshield replacement and repair is so crucial.

The glass used to make windshields is called laminated safety glass. The process of making this kind of glass is done by bonding two separate layers of glass together while also including an inside layer that is composed of plastic. The plastic layer acts as a cushion and in the event of an impact. The result keeps glass from shattering and flying throughout the inside of the vehicle. There are also no jagged edges that could prove dangerous.

Tempered glass is another kind of glass that is used in auto window repair. The process of creating tempered glass includes a quick cooling process that makes the outside of the glass significantly stronger than the inside part. That is why no pointy shards of glass shoot from the windows upon impact.

Once this type of glass leaves the manufacturing plant there is one final step to making sure it works exactly the way it is supposed to. The installation process is instrumental in ensuring that auto glass does its job of saving lives and preventing injuries.

windshield repair via mobile technicianWhen it comes time for your auto window replacement, make sure it is being done by a reputable technician or team. Improper auto glass installation really could mean the difference between life and death. NGA (National Glass Association) certified installers may provide more credibility.

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Ins-And-Outs of Driving With a Cracked Windshield

Many times, the first step toward car windshield replacement is a quick, soft tap on the windshield while traveling at a high speed. A small pebble that hits your windshield could turn into a much bigger problem in the future. It may leave just a small indentation, but there is a chance that could quickly spread.

The Causes

The reasons why a small chip spiders out into a long crack are unavoidable. Moisture and motion are the two main reasons why a small chip develops into a long crack. The major problem brought on by these chips and cracks is that it affects a driver’s visibility. However, cracks and chips can also weaken the windshield which is designed to protect passengers in the event of an accident.

The Signs

Aside from the obvious signs of cracking, there are things to look for that will signify a new windshield is needed. A leak will be the first indicator that windshield replacement is a must. A car’s airbags will also function improperly if there is a problem with a windshield. Any noise is also a strong indicator that something is amiss. Any kind of whistling sound while driving is a sure fire sign that a new windshield is needed.

The Dangers

In the event of a rollover, passengers could be at a severe risk when driving with a cracked windshield. That is because the structural integrity of the car is compromised. Furthermore, the safety that comes with tempered or laminated safety glass is negated when there is a crack. That means shards of glass could become like little, jagged daggers flying through the car during a crash. In some states, drivers can also receive a costly fine for driving with a cracked windshield.

The Alternatives

It is easy to put off getting a new windshield when there is only a minor chip. However, small chips do not always mean car window replacement is necessary. Car window repair is another option as technicians can fix this problem quickly. Another perk is that most insurance companies cover the cost of repair. When choosing repair over replacement, it is also an eco-friendly option as old windshields have to be disposed of, leaving some of its synthetic compounds to emit toxic pollutants into the environment.

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