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Friday, December 14, 2018

Important Things to Know About Auto Glass and Window Repair

Once you have determined that it is time for auto glass repair or replacement, the next step is finding a reputable repair shop that will meet your satisfaction. Before you walk into any shop, it’s important to understand the terms that you will be hearing from a service technician. Here’s a look at the key terms and concepts drivers should understand before undergoing any type of car window repair.

OE (Original Equipment)

Original equipment pertains to auto glass provided by the original supplier made for your make and model of vehicle. This is the same kind of glass used on the assembly of your vehicle. To denote this fact, there is generally a stamp of that brand on the windshield. This is considered to be the best quality of glass you can use for car windshield replacement. Car companies will often outsource its glass from specific manufacturers and that will be what is used during OE glass replacement.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

This term refers to glass that meets the same specifications as that of OE auto glass, but is made by a different distributor. This is very close to OE glass, but there are some very slight variations. It is a less costly alternative that does not come with the brand name stamped on the glass.


This is the substance used as a hardener to repair chips in a windshield. Resin must be cured before repair is completed and a windshield’s structural integrity is then once again intact.

Drive-Away Time

Sometimes referred to as safe drive-away time (SDAT), this is the amount of time a vehicle is meant to remain off the road until a new windshield is deemed safe for operation.

cracked left exterior mirror of truck, auto glass, replacement truck mirror Charlotte


This term denotes glass that has no affiliation with any car manufacturers. It is a standard glass that does not comply with safety regulations. The application of this is limited to things such as sliding back glass doors and new sunroof installations.

Laminated Glass

Glass that is intended to be used in windshields. It consists of two pieces of glass with a layer of plastic resting in between.

Tempered Glass

This is the type of glass intended to be used in vehicles with the exception of the windshield. It is finished off through a rapid cooling process.

Spider Crack

A common crack in windshields, this consists of a small chip with a group of larger cracks protruding outward, giving off the resemblance of spider legs.

Wilson and Tucker specializes in all types of auto window repair and car window replacement. Our windshield replacement prices are some of the best in Charlotte as we combine quality and integrity with top notch workmanship.

Friday, November 9, 2018

How Auto Glass Can Save Your Life

Everyone who has ever driven in a car knows what it is to look through a windshield and watch the passing traffic. However, there’s probably a great deal that people do not know about the auto glass in a car. It is a made a certain way so that it can save lives and prevent injuries. Installing the right kind of auto glass could provide you and your loved ones with an extra layer of protection.

The purpose of auto glass is to be less dangerous than regular glass in the event that it breaks. When there is a collision, windshields are also supposed to keep passengers inside the vehicle. Windshields are often considered to be a driver’s final line of defense in an accident which is one reason that car windshield replacement and repair is so crucial.

The glass used to make windshields is called laminated safety glass. The process of making this kind of glass is done by bonding two separate layers of glass together while also including an inside layer that is composed of plastic. The plastic layer acts as a cushion and in the event of an impact. The result keeps glass from shattering and flying throughout the inside of the vehicle. There are also no jagged edges that could prove dangerous.

Tempered glass is another kind of glass that is used in auto window repair. The process of creating tempered glass includes a quick cooling process that makes the outside of the glass significantly stronger than the inside part. That is why no pointy shards of glass shoot from the windows upon impact.

Once this type of glass leaves the manufacturing plant there is one final step to making sure it works exactly the way it is supposed to. The installation process is instrumental in ensuring that auto glass does its job of saving lives and preventing injuries.

windshield repair via mobile technicianWhen it comes time for your auto window replacement, make sure it is being done by a reputable technician or team. Improper auto glass installation really could mean the difference between life and death. NGA (National Glass Association) certified installers may provide more credibility.

Wilson and Tucker Auto Glass Services offers certified technicians who can make sure every piece of auto glass on your car is installed with the utmost precision and care. With windshield replacement prices that are affordable, the experience and expertise at Wilson and Tucker provide you with an easy choice for all your auto glass replacement needs.


Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Ins-And-Outs of Driving With a Cracked Windshield

Many times, the first step toward car windshield replacement is a quick, soft tap on the windshield while traveling at a high speed. A small pebble that hits your windshield could turn into a much bigger problem in the future. It may leave just a small indentation, but there is a chance that could quickly spread.

The Causes

The reasons why a small chip spiders out into a long crack are unavoidable. Moisture and motion are the two main reasons why a small chip develops into a long crack. The major problem brought on by these chips and cracks is that it affects a driver’s visibility. However, cracks and chips can also weaken the windshield which is designed to protect passengers in the event of an accident.

The Signs

Aside from the obvious signs of cracking, there are things to look for that will signify a new windshield is needed. A leak will be the first indicator that windshield replacement is a must. A car’s airbags will also function improperly if there is a problem with a windshield. Any noise is also a strong indicator that something is amiss. Any kind of whistling sound while driving is a sure fire sign that a new windshield is needed.

The Dangers

In the event of a rollover, passengers could be at a severe risk when driving with a cracked windshield. That is because the structural integrity of the car is compromised. Furthermore, the safety that comes with tempered or laminated safety glass is negated when there is a crack. That means shards of glass could become like little, jagged daggers flying through the car during a crash. In some states, drivers can also receive a costly fine for driving with a cracked windshield.

The Alternatives

It is easy to put off getting a new windshield when there is only a minor chip. However, small chips do not always mean car window replacement is necessary. Car window repair is another option as technicians can fix this problem quickly. Another perk is that most insurance companies cover the cost of repair. When choosing repair over replacement, it is also an eco-friendly option as old windshields have to be disposed of, leaving some of its synthetic compounds to emit toxic pollutants into the environment.

Auto window replacement and repair has never been as easy or affordable as it is with Wilson and Tucker Auto Glass in North Carolina. Our windshield replacement prices are very affordable while our quality of service is what you would expect from Charlotte’s top name in car window repair.


Monday, September 17, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Windshield Replacement

When something goes wrong with a car, mechanics will explain the problem to drivers. As a result, people acquire their own body of knowledge about cars. When it comes to auto glass replacement, people tend to be a little less in the know. Here’s everything the average person needs to know about auto glass replacement.

1.) Most insurance companies cover windshield replacement. Deductibles differ from policy to policy, but any reputable auto glass replacement business will have a history of dealing with the leading insurance carriers. In most cases, all you need is the date of the damage and the policy number to get started on your repair.

2.) Technicians specializing in auto windshield replacement should be certified by the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council, also known as the AGRSS. This is a non-profit organization that was formed with the purpose of promoting and maintaining safe auto glass installation.

3.) Window replacement usually takes about an hour to complete. Depending on what type of adhesives are used, it may take some extra time before a vehicle should be operated, usually an hour or so. Most mobile auto glass services can even fix windshields in the rain with the use of collapsible tents.

4.) Windshields play an important role in safety. For example, airbags located on the passenger side in vehicles deploy straight up and wind up deflecting off the windshield back at the passenger. A windshield that is not installed correctly will not allow for the passenger side airbag to work effectively.

5.) Laminated and tempered glass are very different. Laminated windshields are aimed to protect drivers and passengers by using a rubber laminate between two pieces of glass. Laminate windshields usually remain in place when damaged, whereas tempered glass breaks into lots of pieces. Tempered glass is heated and specially treated so that all of its little pieces will not have any sharp edges when it breaks.

6.) Chipped windshields can be repaired and not replaced if the chip is smaller than the size of a quarter and has only affected the outer glass layer. The question of windshield repair or replacement can also be determined by the location of the chip.

7.) Rear view mirrors can easily be reattached to your new windshield by a technician. It is a simple process that customers do not need to worry about. This is basically a given in any windshield replacement service.

8.) OEM glass is a common term with the replacement of windshields. It stands for Original Equipment Manufacture. Automotive companies work with OEM glass companies so it makes finding the right replacement a relatively easy process. There could also be more than one brand of OEM that matches up with your car.

All your questions, concerns and windshield replacement problems can be solved by contacting Wilson and Tucker Auto Glass. We specialize in all types of auto glass replacement in Charlotte, NC. With years of experience, our team of certified technicians can provide you with the best windshield repair Charlotte, NC has to offer.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Understand the Process of Windshield Repair

Often referred to as flowers, star sand or bulls-eyes; some chips in a windshield can be repaired. However, others wind up expanding into larger cracks that will inevitably need to be fixed. Shallow-angled chips can be repaired while others chips cannot.

Prior to having a cracked windshield that needs to be replaced, the problem often is much smaller in nature. Large cracks in a windshield generally start out as a small chip that could come from a tiny pebble hitting your windshield.

When a chip has cracks coming out of it, then it is usually unable to be repaired. This type of problem is referred to as a spider crack as it can branch out from the original location, forming additional cracks and issues with the stability of your windshield; often resembling a spiders web.

The first stage of windshield replacement is figuring out whether a windshield can be repaired. Repair is a feasible option, but could lead to some distortions of lighting, although it is not usually significant enough to affect a driver’s visibility. Cosmetic considerations can also be the deciding factor between repair or replacement.

When repair is selected, the surface area must be cleaned and prepped. Technicians will thoroughly clean the area with the purpose of removing any loose or random shards. Next, the tapping process begins in which drilling is required to create a place to insert the resin, which will ultimately fix the windshield. Technicians will also get rid of the air inside the chip with the use of a vacuum.

Resin will be used to fix the problem; but the resins used in windshield repair or replacement are different. Repairs use a lower-strength resin as opposed to the replacement process, which requires a stronger resin. This is because of the fact that in the repair process, resin needs to be versatile enough to get into all the little spaces created by the crack to completely fix the issue.

Before resin is used, there is the need to create a tip for the crack. The tip is basically the point where technicians insert resin to repair the crack. The technician will proceed to insert more of the resin and fill in the spaces within the crack. Once the insertion stage is finished, it is on to the curing phase.

To cure the resin, there is the need for a curing light. The appropriate curing light can finish the process rather quickly and have drivers on their way in very little time. More than one layer of resin may need to be cured, depending upon the severity of the chip and/or associated cracks.

The process actually works by bonding the cracked windshield back together. The resin solidifies and creates a cost-effective solution for drivers with a minor chip in their windshields. Windshield repair is a swift process and can save drivers a significant amount of money that can come with a complete windshield replacement.

When you are in need of windshield replacement in Charlotte, NC or the surrounding areas Wilson and Tucker can provide an efficient and affordable fix. For more than forty years, we have specialized in auto glass repair and replacement in and around the city of Charlotte. Our mobile service can come directly to you with the reliability and expertise that has made Wilson and Tucker one of the very best and very cheap auto glass replacement companies in North Carolina.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Windshield Repair and Replacement: A Delicate Decision

It is common knowledge that the windshield is not only integral to the overall structure of a car, but there is certainly more to it than meets the eye. Made up of two sheets of glass with an interior layer of specialized vinyl holding them together, the windshield plays a key role in ensuring a safe ride. For this reason, it is important that it is kept in perfect shape – not only to keep it looking like new, but also to guarantee driver and passenger safety.

When a windshield is scratched, cracked or chipped, car owners tend to be impatient about getting it fixed right away mainly because it is unsightly and obstructs their view. Others are hesitant because of often-costly and time-consuming auto glass replacement or repair. Truth be told; there is one compelling reason to get your damaged or broken windshield checked and fixed right away: it poses a serious threat to occupants.

More than Just a Quick Fix

While you do need your windshield repaired as soon as possible, it is extremely important to be sure about the quality of work done on it. The windshield should be on its tip-top shape so it can serve its purpose of providing the vehicle’s structural support.

It makes sense for a car owner to look for the best prices for parts and repairs. And while there are a lot of auto shops that promise low-priced windshield repair and replacement services, not all of them can be trusted to ensure superior work – exposing the car and the people inside it to real danger. When improperly set or glued together, the glass sheets can possibly pop out in a collision or even cause the vehicle’s roof to collapse. That being said, a simple windshield scratch puts your car in the danger zone, just as a sloppy repair, replacement or installation could be life threatening.

In the case of auto glass repair or replacement, you have every reason to pick top-rated service providers who have earned a solid reputation for quality work.

Choose Reputable Auto Glass Repair Experts

Many car owners take their vehicle to a dealership that, in turn, subcontracts the job to a specialized glass shop and marks up the fee on average of about 30% to 40%. To save money, it is best to go directly to a qualified team of windshield repair and replacement specialists that guarantee the quality of their work at very reasonable rates.

When in Charlotte, North Carolina or the surrounding areas Wilson & Tucker is the place to be. A family business with more than 50 years of success, the auto glass repair provider takes pride in its precise and flawless work at affordable rates. Offering a complete expert auto glass repair and replacement package, the company’s services also include car windows and mirrors.Your car should always be kept clean, comfortable and in good condition. Keep your windshield properly installed and maintained as well.

Learn about how Wilson & Tucker can help by visiting

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Benefits of Car Windshield Repair

Any issue with your car always seems like a hassle as the repair process could inconvenience you in a number of ways. While some types of major auto repair can leave you without transportation for quite some time, fixing a chip in your windshield is not as problematic. Here is a look at the benefits that come with car windshield repair.

Time Saver

In some instances, windshield repair can take as much time as an oil change would. Scheduling an appointment can have you in and out of an auto glass repair shop in practically no time at all. For speed and convenience try Wilson & Tucker auto glass repair in Charlotte NC.

Save Now

A small chip could quickly turn into a large crack that is not capable of being repaired. Windshield replacement would then be the alternative and it’s a lot more expensive than a simple windshield repair. You could spend much less now and refrain from spending big in the future.

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A reputable Charlotte NC automotive glass repair service usually provides some type of guarantee with their work. Upon completion, you will have written assurance that their workmanship is going to last.


When the chip in your windshield is not obstructing the driver’s line of sight, people may neglect to get it fixed. However, the chip can worsen and eventually threaten the structural integrity of the windshield. That is extremely important in the event of a crash.

High Quality

The materials that a professional car window repair service uses are generally very high in quality, unlike the store brands that target a do-it-yourself audience. The professionals use high quality resin that is made to withstand the tests of time, weather and temperature.


Sometimes, windshield repair in Charlotte North Carolina is covered by insurance, making it a free fix. All policies are different, so it helps to consult your insurance company to discover the specifics of what is and what is not covered.

No Leaks

A chip in the windshield could turn into a bigger problem in the form of a leak. This could lead also to a buildup of mold, unpleasant odors and could ruin your car’s upholstery. Leaks could become quite costly.

Wilson & Tucker Auto Glass can bring you all the benefits of car windshield repair. One of our technicians can even travel directly to your home as part of our mobile auto window repair service. When it comes time to seek out a top-notch car windshield repair service, Wilson & Tucker has you covered every step of the way.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

How Mobile Windshield Replacement Works

Mobile windshield repair brings a tremendous amount of convenience to drivers as they do not have to go through the process of bringing their car into a service shop and then waiting hours for it to be finished. The windshield repair process is made easy by the professionals, although even the professionals have some help on their side.

Many will question how mobile windshield repair is possible amidst the elements of nature. The reality is that there does not have to be perfect weather in order to complete mobile windshield repair or replacement. This service can even be done in the rain.

There is no need to provide a covered area where a mobile technician can work on your vehicle. That is because a portable canopy enables this kind of work to be completed anywhere. These portable canopies are even strong enough to withstand the weight of snow.

A service van also serves as a type of mobile auto glass repair shop. Inside this service van are all the parts and accessories needed to complete all kinds of windshield repair. It is a way of bringing the auto glass repair shop to the customer.

Those items inside the service van go beyond just parts and auto glass. That stockpile also includes all the tools necessary to complete windshield replacement. A portable work bench can also aid in the repair or replacement process. A mobile service van prepares technicians for the unexpected. And if lighting is a problem, portable lights will illuminate a mobile work area for your vehicle.

One of the main tools used in windshield installation is an air compressor, which is another perk for the mobile customer. An air compressor can push out any broken glass in tight corners or small spaces. An air compressor also comes in very handy when prepping pinch welds, which joins two pieces of metal.

But all of these tools and accessories would be all for naught without a fully-trained service technician. As much as those tools are necessary, so is the experience of a mobile technician as every replacement job is different.

Wilson & Tucker Auto Glass is ready to dispatch a mobile auto glass technician to your location. Our mobile service is complete with all the tools and equipment necessary to provide top-quality windshield replacement. For the very best windshield replacement prices and auto window repair in North Carolina, visit Wilson and Tucker Auto Glass.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Main Causes and Ways to Find Leaks in Your Car

In many instances, replacing auto glass in Charlotte vehicles can stop a leak. However, not all leaks require windshield replacement our auto window repair. The key is to find the source of the leak and then proceed accordingly.

Water leaking into your car can damage the interior and lead to mold as well as unpleasant odors. The first step is identifying the leak. When it rains, get inside your car and attempt to discover where the water is coming from. If you do not want to wait for the rain, go through a car wash or get out your garden hose and spray down your car.

Remember that not all leaks are going to be blatantly obvious. So look out for any wet areas on your car seats or on the floor. In many instances, a water stain is the only piece of evidence you will have. Also, check for any rust on exposed metal as that is a sign of excess water. And keep in mind that a chip or a crack in your windshield could be the source of your leak.

One of the most common causes of vehicle leaks is an improperly installed windshield. Another common cause is a leak in the sunroof. This is often indicated by water in the console. Sunroof leaks can be caused by a wide variety of issues, such as improper installation, a disconnected drain or a clog.

Leaky trunks are very distinguishable by the unpleasant odor that emanates when the trunk is opened. The source of a trunk leak could be due to a faulty seal or crack in the tail light.

A leak coming through a car window can occur because the window is not aligned properly. Window leaks are also frequently attributed to a bad seal and this applies to all areas of the car as seals are very important. Wilson & Tucker's auto window repair will cure most of these problems and preserve the upholstery in your vehicle.

If you discover that your windshield is leaking, it is extremely important to seek the help of an automotive glass repair specialist. Attempting to fix it yourself could affect the integrity of the windshield and endanger the lives of everyone in the vehicle.

Wilson & Tucker Auto Glass can take care of all your car window replacement needs. Wilson & Tucker can get you right back out on the road with affordable Charlotte windshield repair prices and top quality service.

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