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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why Car Windshields Should Be Repaired Immediately

A small chip or crack in your car windshield may not seem like a major problem, but it could affect your vehicle more than you realize according to the experts at Wilson & Tucker Auto Glass in Charlotte, NC. Here we go through the facts and get a closer look at why it is important to fix any kind of damage with car windshield replacement right away.

Structural Support

Even minor chips in the windshield endanger everyone inside of a vehicle. A chip or break in the windshield will compromise the structural protection a windshield provides. In the event of an accident, windshields offer a type of structural support that will keep the car intact. Without a properly functioning windshield, the vehicle’s roof could collapse in an accident. This helps with rollovers as well. Should a vehicle be turned upside, a bad windshield could be the reason the roof caves in and winds up severely injuring everyone inside the car.

Protective Barrier

Windshields also serve as a protective barrier for passengers and drivers. In the event of a rollover, a windshield can keep drivers and passengers from being ejected out of the vehicle.

Even if a passenger is not thrown from the vehicle, they could be hit by debris from the actual collision. There is nothing to prevent any kind of metal or glass from flying in where the windshield used to be. Passengers hit by debris could suffer severe and even fatal injuries as the windshield is considered to be the top safety restraint on vehicles.

Protection in Newer Cars

Many car manufactures are now producing automotive frames that are thinner as this is a choice prompted by style. The drawback is that thinner frames are more dependent on the strength of the windshield. That means that poorly installed or damaged auto glass present much more danger in the event of a collision. The way newer cars are manufactured demands that new and replacement windshields should always be fully intact.

Line of Sight

Drivers need to see everything on the road as clearly as possible. Any blemishes on their windshield could hinder their ability to see. A slight distraction could mean the difference between life and death when making split-second decisions. That is one more reason why any cracks, breaks or chips on the driver’s side should be repaired immediately.

Whenever you are in need of automotive glass repair or auto window replacement, contact the certified team of technicians at Wilson & Tucker. Offering top quality service and affordable windshield replacement prices, Wilson & Tucker can provide you with a safer way to travel.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Different Types of Cracks and Breaks in Car Windshields

Not all breaks or cracks in a car windshield are the same. There are variations of cracks and chips, some of which are more problematic than others. And it is some of the following breaks and cracks that ultimately determine whether you need Charlotte car windshield replacement or car windshield repair.


This type of break is one that frequently affects car windshields. It generally looks like a small circle with a bunch of rings encircling it. A bullseye break can usually be fixed with auto window repair, just as long as it is not too large in size.

Edge Crack

This appears as an actual crack and is usually rather thin. It resembles a line on your windshield’s surface. Traditional cracks are repairable according to how long they are and whether or not the crack spiders outward. Edge cracks that spider usually call for auto window replacement.

Half Moon

This is similar to a bullseye, although it is not entirely circular. It is more like a half circle and is caused by something colliding with the windshield at an uncommon angle. The odd angle often makes repair a more difficult option and usually calls for replacement.

Floater Crack

This is seen less than other types of cracks or breaks because it is not caused by an actual collision. The floater crack occurs because of drastic changes in temperature. This crack usually starts in the middle of the windshield and extends horizontally.

Star Break

This is a break that closely resembles a star. There is a small point of impact with likes leading outward. Star breaks are generally able to be fixed with NC auto glass repair, but may leave a small distorted mark behind.

Combo Break

This is a more intricate type of break that looks as though it is two types of breaks combined into one. It often appears to be a star break combined with a bullseye. But just because it is more intricate, that doesn’t mean it cannot be fixed with repair. The location and size of the combo break will determine whether window glass repair or window glass replacement is needed.

Wilson & Tucker Auto Glass Inc. NC attends to all types of cracks, chips and breaks in your car windshield. For top quality service and affordable windshield replacement prices, contact the professionals at Wilson & Tucker and let our technicians provide you with an immediate fix.

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